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Welcome to Work Escapades

I am a coach who started years ago with a simple belief that we are a long time working and that most of us want to spend that time as well as we can, expressing our values, exercising our skills, using our knowledge to develop and improve ourselves and the organisations we work for

We are likely to have several different jobs in a variety of organisations: some we like, some we don’t ( jobs and organisations!) and at any point in our working lives most of us would like to experience enjoyment and avoid being trapped! ( easier said than done)

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Working with me you will get:

RETREAT: a safe confidential space to step back, unwind and allow your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives to emerge

REFLECT: to assess where you are and where you would like to be away from the noise and pressure at work

TALK: a chance to talk out problems, situations and issues and your responses to them

ACT: a clear set of actions aligned with what’s right for you, to move you on

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