Tips for Effectiveness

One of the things that interests me is that we can spend a long time making a decision, weighing up the pros and cons of the different options, making a neat list of both, or even making the decision intuitively. However we can’t determine the outcome and that’s the sting. We can make the best decision we possibly can at the time and it still not turn out well. This inability to make a decision  is certainly a major reason why people don’t move on in their careers. Self-help books would say that you would show your strength by  accepting that the decision hasn’t turned out well and move on.

So why bother?

I think it’s still important, for those decisions where intuition isn’t enough, to do some kind of analysis. Suzy Welchhas a useful suggestion. She says we should consider the consequences of our actions 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years down the line-on the basis that these time frames give you a balance that you don’t get in any other way.

Most people find the 10 years too long but the 10 months very useful!

Have a look if interested, works for me!!

You can buy the book here

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