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The Services I offer are always tailor made and based on starting precisely from where the client is at, listening, assessing, analysing to identify the issues and then what will help/hinder you from moving forward and taking action. I use the experience I have gained across fields and sectors to inform the context I am working in.


Individual Coaching Packages

Coaching is a process whereby you work alongside a coach to explore and identify changes you want to make in your work and life either in your current job, future career or your life ambitions.

We identify together what you want to achieve, what you want from the coaching process and then we work together in a format to suit you – face to face, email, phone, skype, whats app or a mix – whatever suits your working style

Quick Fixes
A 1:1 session, email or phone call can provide immediate ways forward in difficult situations before they get worse. The session provides a chance to stand back, appraise and look for a different perspective in situations that can seem stuck.

What I Offer is:

  • A safe, comfortable, confidential space where you can explore issues that affect your working life.

  • An utterly trustworthy service.

  • A focus on YOU: who you are, your strengths, successes, skills, values and beliefs.

  • Quality listening and incisive questions to assess and clarify.

  • A [written] action plan that will move you forward.


Taking a Fresh Look

This is for experienced leaders who want to:

  • Step back and look at where they are at.

  • Re-identify their leadership strengths and style and make sure they are putting them into practise in a way that benefits themselves and the organisation.

  • Learn and practise new approaches, focusing not just on what leaders need but also what people in your organisation want.

  • Develop your ability to observe, assess, map out strengths in the organisation and its weak spots, prioritise and take action on both

The First 100 Days

This is for new leaders who want to start how they mean to go on:

The overall objective of this programme is to create effective leaders who know their own strengths (and weaknesses) and to know what good leadership looks like.

It allows you as a leader newly in post (or about to take up the challenge), the opportunity to scope out the issues, decide clearly on what’s important to you, set out the values you want to uphold, see clearly how to model them, know the importance of quick wins and how to win over people from the beginning. It allows you to assess the culture you currently have and, build the culture you want. It creates a safe framework to explore and to think  before acting.


Stay, Leave, Move On

Many of us are looking for more in our lives and work and so we spend hours going round in circles about what that might be, getting increasingly confused.

Taking some time out with a coach can help to clarify your thoughts, make you more certain of what you need to do to move on and translate that thinking into action.

  • A chance to reconnect with what matters to you.

  • An opportunity to look at how you can make the most of your current job.
  • An audit of your skills with the focus on, not only what you are good at but what you really enjoy.

  • An analysis of your successes and achievements.

  • A career designing programme that is tailored to your needs at whatever stage you are at in your working life.


If we are to move jobs and organisations ( including self employment) several times through our working lives, knowing how to best present ourselves in writing and in person becomes not just a necessary skill but an essential one.


  • The skill to producing the best CV is to make sure the most important information is on the first page

  • And that the CV is tailored to the job you’re applying for

  • And remembering the CV is to get you the interview not the job ( after that it gets easier!!)


  • 7 key steps to preparing for the interviews ( thats gets you 40% of the way there)

  • The way to structure your answers for maximum punch

  • Exactly what you have to offer in terms of skills, achievements, valued experience and knowledge

  • Your 5 key achievements (which are the proof you can do the job) and how best to communicate them

  • How to ‘tell the story’ of what you can achieve for their organisation in the future


As tools to support my work i use the MBTI personality indicator and 360 emotional intelligence feedback questionnaire. They are in and of themselves of limited use but when interpreted in a lively dynamic way and linked firmly to who you are they can provide illuminating and helpful information that can shine a light on you your life and work.

The Myers Briggs Personality Indicator is a tool which helps individuals and teams to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to better understand  differences in working styles, and to improve communication and team working. It looks at personality on 4 levels.

  • Where you get your energy from

  • How you make decisions

  • How you take in information

  • Your operating style

360 feedback in Emotional Intelligence
This allows you the opportunity to see how effective you are in knowing yourself and in building relationships with others because this tool asks for feedback from you, your manager, your colleagues, your customers and peers on 18 competencies, allowing you to see precisely where others see your strengths and development needs. The feedback is usually spot on and very practical in identifying the actions you can take to IMPROVE Your performance.

It acknowledges  that competency, knowledge and experience are important aspects of how well you do your job and how well you lead your team or organisation BUT Emotional Intelligence explains why at times that simply is not enough – its HOW you work with others that counts in being truly effective. Knowing your feelings and how they inform what you do and building trustworthy relationships 9internal and external] are key to your success.

What Colour is Your Parachute?
Richard Bolles was a world leader in career development and his training course in Oregon (which I attended) has given me a series of tools to use in assessing skills, incorporating values, and identifying success stories all of which are important whatever stage in your career you are, whether that is looking at your next step, changing careers, preparing for interviews or building your development plan.